Inhance Technologies’ barrier packaging process recognized as fully recyclable by APR and PRE

HOUSTON, April 27, 2020 – Inhance Technologies, a leading international provider of polymer materials science solutions offering the world more responsible and sustainable choices, is delighted to announce its barrier packaging technology has been recognized as fully recyclable by two industry-leading organizations.

The Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) and Plastics Recyclers Europe (PRE) have both deemed Enkase™, technology that transforms high-density polyethylene (HDPE) containers into high performance barrier packaging, to meet critical guidance requirements and be in accordance with existing recycling streams for plastic packaging.

The designation from APR and PRE, which states containers treated with Enkase are “fully compatible with recycling of conventional HDPE”, means Inhance Technologies’ process can be used in place of most other applications in barrier packaging where the environmental impact is of concern to consumers, retailers and brand owners.

“The world is yearning for more recyclable plastics, and we are thrilled to provide a totally recyclable barrier packaging solution that has passed the stringent guidance protocols established by APR and PRE,” said Andrew Thompson, Inhance Technologies President and CEO.

“This acknowledgement is testament to the work done by the fantastic teams Inhance Technologies has around the globe. There are a lot of pledges regarding increased recyclable content and exclusion of non-recyclable plastics in packaging being made to consumers by retailers and brands, and we feel that without our technology they will have difficulty delivering on them. Consumers are particularly concerned about the effect multilayer plastic packaging has on the planet, and Enkase is playing a significant role in alleviating those concerns.”

Enkase imparts a permanent barrier that can be applied to HDPE containers regardless of their shape, size or design. The technology protects the product integrity by reducing ingredient loss and increasing shelf life and quality, while maintaining recyclability.

“We have done significant work optimizing our manufacturing processes eliminating process waste, water waste, and emissions,” said Dr. Prakash Iyer, Senior Vice President, Business Development and Technology.

“The Global Warming Potential (GWP) of Enkase is the lowest of all competing plastic barrier technologies, confirmed by life cycle assessments. We can deliver this technology on a stand-alone basis or embed it in existing infrastructure to produce packaging all over the world. In short, we have a remarkable answer to what is a significant problem across the globe.”

The recognitions from APR and PRE are yet more positive news for Inhance Technologies following the launch of Fixpure™, which eliminates PFAS species, including PFOA, from fluoropolymers. And Thompson is expecting the exciting growth to continue.

“We are constantly looking to evolve, and with infrastructure on four continents, Inhance Technologies’ Enkase delivers a compelling solution to eliminating non-recyclable plastics from the plastic waste stream,” he said.

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