Our Technology

Inhance Technologies transforms conventional plastics into high-performance materials.

We have developed and implemented innovative solutions for the past 40 years. Our expertise and technology make it possible for the science of better to be achieved today.

Barrier Packaging

Enkase is a unique barrier technology that transforms conventional plastics into high performance packaging. Enkase creates a permanent barrier that can be applied to packaging regardless of shape, size or design. As an alternative to multilayer and PET, Enkase works best on polyolefins such as polyethylene, polypropylene and copolymers.

Surface Technologies

Our unique process modifies products of any shape and size–from micron-sized particles to large sheets, textiles and more–to ensure 360° coverage on the entire exposed surface, optimize performance and offer exceptional benefits.

The technology activates material surfaces to enhance performance and functionality. Advanced performance can include increased fuel barrier, reduced friction, increased wettability, enhanced adhesion and much more.


Our performance additive technologies bring a world of new options to formulated elastomer, adhesive and coating systems, molded goods, and engineering resins.

We create our additives’ unique surface-properties to facilitate rapid and stable dispersion and strong interfacial bonding with a wide variety of formulations. Whether you need to increase durability, wear resistance, or tear strength, prolong the life of components in demanding environments or add other advanced features, we can create a performance additive solution that meets your needs.



Fixpure removes PFAS, including PFOA, from fluoropolymer materials without impacting material characteristics, such as particle size or shape, while maintaining critical performance features in your formulation. This technology eliminates PFAS species, including PFOA, down to non-detectable levels. Fixpure is effective on fluoropolymer materials from submicron powders to pellets, PTFE micro powders, regrind and recycled grades.

We offer the world more responsible and sustainable choices, for good. Forever.

See how our innovative technologies and solutions are driving global change and reducing environmental impact.

 We offer the world more responsible and sustainable choices, for good. Forever.
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