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We don’t want to just make things. We want to make things better for the world.

At Inhance Technologies, our focus is–and will always be–on using our technology as a means to achieve a sustainable future.

Every year, the world produces more than 400 million tons of plastics. According to the United Nations Environment Programme, it's estimated less than 10% of that is recycled.

It is our goal to create technologies that help effectuate the circular economy at scale for plastic packaging, offsetting significant global warming potential.

Our sustainable manufacturing process promotes full recyclability and produces zero process emissions, zero process waste and zero water waste. This leads to 27% less global warming potential and 22% less fossil fuel consumption.

To put it in perspective, replacing 500MM 1 gallon multilayer containers with our technology offsets 42,000 metric tons of landfill. That's equivalent to the weight of the Titanic.

We support the United Nations Sustainable Development goals promoting sustainable industrialization, production, consumption and partnerships on a global scale.

"The continued reliance on plastic packaging must not come at the expense of our planet."

The world's attitudes toward environmentalism are continuing to shift and it's crucial that plastics shift along with them.

We recognize the part we can play and are committed to solving these global issues alongside our customers.

It's our mission to develop innovative technologies and solutions that drive global change and reduce environmental impact.

Andrew Thompson
President & CEO, Inhance Technologies

We offer the world more responsible and sustainable choices, for good. Forever.

See how our innovative technologies and solutions are driving global change and reducing environmental impact.

 We offer the world more responsible and sustainable choices, for good. Forever.
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