Reduce Your Environmental Impact with Enkase™

Make Your Barrier Packaging Recyclable with Enkase™

Enkase™, The Sustainable Plastic Barrier Technology


For more than 40 years, we have been helping achieve a more sustainable future for our customers by using our recyclable barrier technology, Enkase™.

Life cycle assessments of Enkase™ compared to multilayer barrier packaging and PET – from raw material extraction through end of life disposal – demonstrate a significant reduction in environmental impact. At the end of the lifecycle, Enkase™ ensures the produced barrier packaging can be recycled, helping contribute to a circular economy.

Enkase™ has the lowest environmental footprint and global warming impact of any barrier packaging technology. It has up to 27% less global warming potential and 22% less fossil fuel consumption compared to other major barrier packaging technologies and is recognized as recyclable by major plastics recycling organizations around the globe.

Approved by the largest recycling associations around the world, Enkase™ maintains the recyclability of HDPE, making it recyclable in any existing HDPE stream and collection system with no additional set up required. It replaces multilayer plastics, which are virtually non-recyclable and can contaminate recycle streams.

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We aspire to provide global solutions through innovation that have lower environmental impact. Our technologies give you total economic and environmental peace of mind. We are relentless in our determination to change the world for the better, for the benefit of our customers, our stakeholders and planet.

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Industries and Applications

Collaborate with us on a customized solution as unique as your product.

If you do good things in plastic, we make good better. Our high-performing technologies improve materials for a wide range of markets and applications.

  • Consumer Goods
    From eco-friendly packaging to enabling green chemistries, our solutions improve your customers’ experience and brand awareness.
  • Industrial Products
    Industrial markets rely on us to provide quality, consistency, productivity and value.
  • Healthcare
    Our solutions improve the performance and reliability of essential medical products, ensuring peace of mind.
  • Transportation
    Our solutions take you–and the world–further.

Specify Enkase

Using Enkase technology can transform your approach to barrier packaging. Adopting any new technology can be complex, but we work hard to make Enkase easy to specify, and easy to deliver. We will work with you to identify exactly how Enkase can meet your barrier packaging requirements. The downloadable materials here will help you understand the options, and our team is on hand to help answer your questions, organize samples and develop a plan for bringing the benefits of Enkase to your products.

Let's start a project together Let's start a project together


Enkase is a recyclable barrier packaging solution.

See how our innovative technologies and solutions are driving global change and reducing environmental impact.

Enkase is a recyclable barrier packaging solution.
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