Is Enkase the Right Barrier Packaging for Your Product?

Many products are packaged in conventional plastics, but conventional plastics are not suitable for formulations that contain solvents, flavors, fragrances, organic active ingredients and fuel mixtures.

Enkase™ is a unique barrier technology that creates a permanent barrier to be applied to polyethylene and polypropylene packaging. This permanent barrier transforms the conventional plastic into high performance packaging.

Below are five considerations to determine if Enkase can enhance the quality and shelf life of your product.

1. Do you need higher performing barrier packaging?

Enkase modifies the surfaces of monolayer polyolefin (HDPE, PP, etc.) containers to provide barrier protection in every direction against permeation. Whether your product formulation is water-based or organic, Enkase protects its integrity by reducing ingredient loss, increasing shelf life and maintaining quality.

2. What size or shape is your container?

Enkase creates a permanent barrier that can be applied to polyolefin packaging regardless of its shape, size or design. Whether it’s a 1 ml or 1000+ liter container, Enkase is a versatile barrier packaging solution that enables complete freedom for shape and design, especially compared to alternatives like multilayer. It’s also commercially used on caps, nozzles and many other package assemblies.

3. What is your product formulation?

Most formulations are a mix of active ingredients, emulsifiers, solvents, flavors and fragrances. Enkase offers three levels of barrier performance–L3, L5 and L9–to protect your product chemistry. Depending on the formulation components, higher Enkase levels lead to longer storage life, reduced container weight and higher performance for more challenging components in industries such as essential oils, organics and flavors and fragrances.

4. Do you value a flexible manufacturing process?

The Enkase process is efficient for both short runs and very large production volumes, all while maintaining best in class performance. The process enables more flexibility because it can take on runs as small as a truck load and can easily be scaled to run lock step with the fastest molding machines in the world. The true batch process allows you to readily scale for varying stock keeping units (SKU’s) and run sizes without down time, needing to change parts, or startup costs. This ensures runs of all sizes and shapes are more economical and easier to get started in stand-alone sites, or co-locations at the molder or filler.

5. Do you want a more sustainable end product?

Why wouldn’t you want a more sustainable end product? The world’s continued reliance on plastic packaging shouldn’t come at the expense of our planet. Enkase is fully recyclable in HDPE collection streams and has the lowest carbon footprint of any barrier packaging, making it the most environmentally responsible choice. To put it in perspective, replacing 500MM 1 gallon multilayer containers with our technology offsets 42,000 metric tons of landfill. Our sustainable manufacturing process also generates zero process emissions, zero process waste and zero water waste. If sustainability is important to you, Enkase provides total economic and environmental peace of mind.

If you do good things in plastic, we make good better.

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