Enkase Your Hygiene Product Packaging for Better Barrier

The global spread of COVID-19 has caused a surge in the use and consumption of disinfectant products. From industrial sanitation to personal protection, many new products have been commercialized. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) continues to recognize new active ingredients that are approved for use in the battle against the coronavirus. It is crucial to consider the choice of packaging for these life-critical products.

Enkase™, our unique barrier technology, transforms conventional plastics into high performance packaging to better protect the integrity of your hygiene formulations. It’s important to note that even water-based formulations or formulations with low concentrations of active ingredients often require a barrier package.

Regardless of shape, size or design, here are four ways Enkase improves your packaging:

Reduced ingredient scavenging

The key to hygiene products (or disinfectants) are the powerful active ingredients. To ensure the disinfectant is as effective as possible, it’s crucial to retain the concentration of active ingredients in the formulation. For example, thymol, which is approved to fight the coronavirus, is present in low concentrations (<0.5%), and can be scavenged by the package. This scavenging will cause the disinfectant to become ineffective. Enkase, however, inhibits the scalping of thymol and other crucial ingredients that make up the disinfectants that we’ve come to rely on today.

Increased shelf life

Chlorine dioxide, a powerful oxidizer, can quickly attack ordinary plastics, leading to cracking and failure of packaging. Not only is the package shelf life significantly shortened, the active ingredient is consumed as well. Enkase seals the surfaces of monolayer polyolefin packaging to protect the package from the attack by powerful active ingredients, prolonging the shelf life and effectiveness of the product.

Decreased product permeation

Enkase barrier technology prevents product permeation through the container walls. Many household cleaners require high-performance barrier packaging because they often contain natural oils, such as d-limonene, that quickly permeate through ordinary plastic packaging walls and are lost. Enkase imparts excellent barrier performance that prevents the product loss or permeation of even the strongest cleaning ingredients.

Excellent product sustainability

With hygiene products on the rise, it’s now more important than ever that the product packaging is as sustainable as possible. Enkase is globally recognized as fully recyclable in any existing HDPE stream and collection system with no additional set up required. It replaces multilayer packaging, which is virtually non-recyclable and can contaminate recycle streams. Our sustainable manufacturing process also produces zero process emissions, zero process waste and zero water waste.

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